International scholarship

I2FA (Ingénieurs Internationaux en Formation par Apprentissage)

You would like a career in Food Production working in an international company? You are open

to learning a new language and facing interesting challenges? This offer is for you!

We are offering a Company-Sponsored Training Program in a Major French International Dairy Company.

Successful candidates will:

  • spend two years in France - with an additional 6 months of intensive French in advance of the program, if necessary
  • receive high level training in technical and managerial competencies and learn a new language
  • have all expenses (travel, tuition, insurance) costs covered
  • have a work contract as an apprentice with the sponsoring company and earn a salary while in France
  • work for a minimum of two years for the sponsoring company upon return to your home country
  • successful graduates earn a MSc degree from Groupe ESA

The program is managed by Groupe ESA Angers, a major institution of higher education in the field of Life Sciences in France.


Candidates must have:

    • bachelor and/or master level degree (at least 4 years of studies, completed or in final year) at the Agronomy Faculty (Animal Science) or Veterinary Faculty
    • a strong motivation for a career in industry - especially in Milk Collection
    • a good level of English (B1)
    • a desire to learn new cultures and a new language
    • a real capacity to overcome challenges and to develop new competencies

You must be under 26 years of age on September 1st 2016 to apply

Application procedures:

Applications online to Groupe ESA at
Click: I2FA program: Engineer-Master’s Degree - Sandwich Course : Company Sponsored
Deadline: September 30th 2015

The selection process is in two steps. Groupe ESA will examine your application and will contact you for a first interview in English by one of their team. If Groupe ESA decides you are a solid candidate we will pass your file on to the company. Groupe ESA will arrange company interviews in your home country in October 2015. The company makes the final choice. The program begins in March 2016 for those who need French lessons and late September 2016 for French speakers. For more information feel free to contact Somboled Human Resources Department at .

You can download scholarship annoncement in PDF form by clicking here.