IstorijatThe history of dairy company Somboled can be traced as far back as 1934, and it is bounded to the name "Swiss cheese dairy,"under which it was founded.A year after its establishment, Dairy "Swiss cheese dairy" got a new owner,the famous employer and landowner, Eugene Grabinski, which made a big investment in new plant andsmelter capacity of cheese significantly expanded this plant. 

Milk from messuage

Eugen Grabinski wanted to stimulate production and purchasing milk, so he founded buying centers for processing milk in area near Sombor: Stanišić, Kljajićevo, Stapar, Sivac, Crvenka, Deronje... The former owner of the dairy, Eugen Grabinski, began partnership with interested farmers from the surrounding messuages, like purchasing cows and their payment through regular delivery of milk. From the manufacturer of milk or personal deliver to the dairy by horse drawn carriage or a railroad, daily was bought from  4,000 to 5,000 liters of milk.

Long tradiotion in cheese production

Production program then was very rich and varied. Dairy in addition to fresh milk produced diferent kind of cheeses and butter, also special attention was on quality and packaging. Among the well-known cheeses dairy produced Helga, Vera and Sombor's cheese...In the range of dairy, next to cheeses, was tea butter made of  pasteurized milk and many cheese specialties with spices like pepper.

City dairy

During the World War II dairy has stopped working and the processing stations were closed. In the same period owner Eugen Grabinski has left the county. Year 1944. management of dairy took Sombor city. Dairy was merged to agricultural cooperative and integrated with National dairy of Vojvodina, and in 1951. it became indepedent City dairy.

Establismennt of name "Somboled"


Further development of the City Dairy is linked to the construction of new plant and the first trial production of ice cream, 1968. year. Sombor dairy was  in the former Yugoslavia, next to Leda from Zagreb, the only dairy that is committed to the production of ice cream. The big competition "Vecernje Novosti", a newly built factory was named"Somboled", which was held today.

First day's of Somborska feta

At the beginning of the '80. Somboled  dairy has significantly expanded its capacity building of the newfactory facilities, with a maximum daily processing capacity of 100,000 liters of milkThe latest technology in the production of cheese, based on the ultrafiltration of milk and automated production for the first time was introduced through the production of Sombor, and then Feta cheese. consumers in Serbia. Almost 30 years ago, in Somboled was created famous Somborska feta, favorite cheese today in Serbia.

Ownership transformation

In 1991.  Somboled become doo, in 2000. was registered,according to the then existing law as a limited company for production and processing of milk.
Somboled 2003rd became part of Dukat dairy industry.
Thanks to 26 million EUR worth the investment, how much Dukat invested in our dairy , Somboled is now one of the most modern dairies not only in Serbia but also in the region. In May 2007. The Dukat dairy industry including Somboled, became part of French group Lactalis, today one of the leading dairy groups in the world.