Lactalis in region

With its 14 production facilities located in region in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Romania, Lactalis is a leading dairy company in the region, and brands Dukat and President are, at the same time, one of the major dairy brands in the region.

Next to markets in which Lactalis is present with its own production, in Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania, Lactalis today conducts import and distribution activities of dairy products branded with Dukat, Sirela, Président, Galbani, MIG, Ideal Šipka, LaDorna and KIM brands.

With over 30.000 subcontractors and 362 million litres of the annual milk deliveries, Lactalis has bolstered its position as one of the region's leading dairy company in the milk repurchase segment as well.

Lactalis's products are widely available on a daily basis in over 27.000 stores across Southeastern Europe. Over 483 vans deliver goods to more than 8.300 stores on a daily basis, supplying on average more than 1.000 tons of milk, dairy products and cheeses.

Dairy company Dukat cherishes the values of expertise, professionalism, commitment, involving employees in company activities and entrepreneurial spirit and these values are fully embedded in our corporate culture and underpin all the business activities of Dukat's employees.

Dukat Sirela Kim
President Galbani Mig
Domaće blago Ideal Šipka LaDORNA