Lactalis in world

Lactalis Group - the world leader in the dairy industry

Lactalis Group is the world's largest producer of milk and dairy products. It was founded in 1933. as a family dairy in Laval in western France, where it is headquartered today. It is the world's largest producer of cheese and a European leader in the category of milk, butter and cream.

Lactalis Group today has 60,000 employees in 76 countries. It is among the 15 leading food group in the world, with 211 manufacturing facilities in 37 countries and an annual turnover of more than 16.5 billion euros. According to the quantity of purchased fresh raw milk, Lactalis is the third in the world with annual purchase of 15.6 billion liters of milk.

The growth of the group is based on the development strategy of three global brands - Président, Galbani and Parmalat. Also, the group is focused on other international brands such as Lactel, Celia, Nestle la Leitiere, Dukat, Bridel, Santal, Salakis and Black Diamond as well as on regional and local brands such as Puleva, Alpine milk, Mama Luise, Nesquick, Societe Roquefort, Kunin, Mu LaDorna, Bel Paese and others.

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