Somboled’s record year

Somboled company, which is part of the French group Lactalis, recorded a very productive year thanks to the achieved record in the history of the company. It purchased 67 million liters of raw milk, which represents an increase of 9.2 percent compared to the previous year. Somboled buys raw milk from 1240 primary producers, and more than half of the purchased milk meets the quality standards of the European Union.

Somboled’s record year

Successful year was celebrated within the "Day of Milk 2014", which was held in late December in the Conference Hall of the Hotel "Internacional". The results of cooperation between Somboled and its subcontractors, including nine commercial and 175 family farms, was presented at the ceremony. Somboled awarded all subcontractors. Mita Plavsic from Backa Palanka is the recorder among the winners. He owns the 120 cow farm and he delivered 655,000 liters of milk in the past year.

„Cooperation between Somboled and primary producers is an excellent example of how a large company works to improve our agriculture. It is particularly reflected in the provision of technical assistance in the production technology. Thanks to Somboled’s investments, our farm has increased the number of cows from 90 to 120, which led to increased production from 1,800 to 2,500 liters of milk a day.“ said farmer Mita Plavsic.

„Last year was really great from the manufacturing, technology and climate point of view. Successful 2014. year is the result of half a million euro investment in the improvement of milk production on farms and 300,000 euro investment in equipment to improve efficiency and quality of milk.“, said Milan Maksimovic, director of the purchase and development of milk production in the Somboled company.

The Somboled’s primary goal for 2015. year is still raw milk quality and production increasing. Also, increasing the amount of EU quality milk from the current 53 percent to 65 percent is expected in 2015. That will allow increase in exports to the European Union and the Russian Federation. In addition to planned investments to increase the number of cattle on farms, Somboled will invest in the improvement of milk production and procurement of new lactofreezes.

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