Somboled today

Somboled company today is in the top of dairy idustries in Serbia, and that stable position ensures with continuous investment in the development of milk production and production of new innovative dariy products. Annula Somboled process 55 million liters of milk and produce more than 45.000 tone of products on the market of Serbia. Today our products are under the brands like Dukat and President, that are one of the best known dairy brands in Serbia and region. Longterm success of Dukat and President is in healthy, tasty and fresh dairy products that counsumers like.

Somboled danas

In May 2007. Dukat dairy, so Somboled too,further strengthen their market positions and business by entering a part of French Lactalis group, today one of the leading dairy companies.

Our brands

On the Serbian market, the company Somboled its products under the brand names and Dukat President.

Dukat in Serbia is brand of fresh and UHT milk, yoghurts and creams. By entering into the composition of Group Lactalis, Dukat brand has strengthened its position and now is among the most powerful brands Lactalis Group. Today Dukat respondse to the desires and needs of consumers in Serbia and regionInnovation, quality and use of the latest developments in food and dairy industry, has enabled Dukat and regional leadership position in the forefront of new trends in the dairy industry. The basis of business philosophy Dukat make fresh, healthy, natural and delicious dairy products with no preservatives, made ​​from fresh local milk of the highest quality.

President is the most powerful global brand Lactalis Group as well as the strongest brand of cheese andbutter in the world. Combination of tradition, skill and passion for cheese is the key to long-term success of the largest cheese brand in the world. Top quality and richness of flavor and aroma of your favorite made ​​the Président brand of cheese in the world. In Serbia, under the President brand are all products from the category of cheese and butter. Among them, the strongest role feta cheese No. 1 in our market, Somborska feta, then local young cheese and processed cheese and soft cheeses with noble mold, such as Brie and a Cammembert.