Cheese & Beer

    Cheese & Beer12/25/10 - It is nothing new that cheese and wine have been made for each other. This love is as old as their existence and we celebrate it daily with a bite of cheese and a drop of wine. However, the combination of cheese and beer is a love of more recent date and a pleasure known today by few connoisseurs.

    Cheese & Wine

    Cheese & Wine12/25/10 - Cheese and wine seem to have always been made for each other, but one should know which wine suits which cheese. It sounds like a difficult task, but if you follow our simple rules, you will create an excellent match.

    Serving and keeping cheese

    Serving and keeping cheese12/25/10 - A deliciously served cheese platter is a perfect adornment of any occasion, because cheese can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cheese is served as an appetizer, the main course or after the dessert. Here you can find some useful tips on serving the cheese platters and storing cheese.

    Preparing cheese dishes

    Preparing cheese dishes12/25/10 - Cheese is a favourite accompaniment of dishes. But, has is it properly prepared to highlight all the richness of its flavours and textures?

    How to slice up different types of cheese?

    How to slice up different types of cheese?12/25/10 - The most important rule when cutting cheese: the taste is more intense closer to the cheese rind, so each piece of served cheese has to have some rind.