Healthy habits for a stronger immunity

    Healthy habits for a stronger immunity8/28/11 - If you prepare yourself on time and build up your immunity with a proper diet, it is very likely that the unpleasant infection will avoid you.

    Cheese and chocolate – two royal delights

    Cheese and chocolate – two royal delights8/28/11 - Two groceries, separately viewed by many as the greatest gastronomic accomplishments, might not seem an ideal pair at first glance. But if you approach them with an open mind, well fused cheese and chocolate make a perfect pair.

    Functional food

    Functional food12/21/10 - People have been aware of the importance of proper nutrition and its impact on human health for thousands of years. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, may not be the first who realized the importance of proper nutrition in preserving health, but has remained eternally renowned for his famous saying "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

    Chocolate - food for good mood!

    Chocolate - food for good mood!12/21/10 - At the times when we feel low and want to change that, we often reach out for a cube of chocolate. Why? Chocolate, thanks to the substances it contains, directly affects our mood. And turns it into a good mood!

    How is yoghurt made?

    How is yoghurt made?12/21/10 - Yoghurts are much more than just refreshing milk-based drinks – they are naturally nutritious and a beneficial supplement to a healthy diet that will supply your body with much-needed proteins and calcium.