Breakfast - the most important meal

Dining properly means covering your organism's needs for energy and substances required for the maintenance of physiological, mental and physical functions. In order to eat properly, it is of utmost importance to have a regular and healthy breakfast.

Breakfast - the most important meal

During the night, blood sugar level drops. If you skip breakfast, you will face a headache, malaise and lack of concentration by the middle of day. A timely consumption of breakfast, within two hours as of waking, will wake your body, speed up your metabolism and provide enough energy.

Breakfast is the ideal meal to enter high-value foods. Fresh or dried fruits and a fruit juice are excellent sources of vitamins. Dairy products are well-known sources of calcium and are recommended for breakfast, especially for women. Foods rich in whole grains have an important preventive and therapeutic effect - they lower the bad LDL cholesterol, normalize blood sugar, make you feel full and energetic longer.

Eating breakfast and several smaller meals a day, especially at regular intervals, help you achieve and maintain a satisfactory body weight.

Skipping breakfast makes us less effective and impairs our mental and physical wellbeing. Children who regularly eat breakfast think faster and clearer, solve problems easier, are more patient and less irritable.