Yoghurt - your ally in reducing fat deposits

The results of research conducted by U.S. scientists from the University of Tennessee show that eating yoghurt helps reducing fat deposits in the body.

Yoghurt - your ally in reducing fat deposits

The study found that obese adults are persons who daily consumed three low-fat yoghurts, as a part of their diet with the reduced calorie intake, lost more weight than the respondents on a diet who did not consume yoghurt.

In addition to reducing body weight, the reduction of fat deposits was also noted in the patients who consumed low-fat yoghurt within their diet, especially in the area of abdomen.

To make a diet with reduced intake of calories a success, you also need daily physical activity. In fact, a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle which includes movement, walking, running, sports and similar physical activities are the best allies in achieving and maintaining a good figure, but also the physical health.

In addition to having a delicious and refreshing taste, yoghurts are a desirable part of daily diet as a source of milk Protein and milk sugar. Anyone who wants to watch their diet should include Dukat liquid yoghurt with 0.5% fat content.