New Dukatos flavours – almond pistachios and strawberry

This season, creamy and rich texture of recognizable Dukatos yogurt has been enriched with new flavours – Dukatos almond pistachios and Dukatos strawberry.

New Dukatos flavours – almond pistachios and strawberry

Dukatos yogurt belongs to a unique Greek type yogurt that, thanks to its creamy texture, can be prepared as a perfect sauce or addition to meals in combination with other ingredients, or simply consumed as a stand-alone snack. All fans of this yogurt will have the opportunity to experience new pleasures and enjoy a full, creamy flavour of stone fruits in Dukatos yogurt with almonds and pistachios, as well as a rich and refreshing taste of Dukatos strawberry that will make each delicacy juicier and sweeter.

New flavours of the Greek type yogurt are now available in attractive 150 g pack at the Serbian market.

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