Somboled presented Président Homemade cottage cheese

The taste and smell of Serbian cuisine inspired by Président Homemade cottage cheese.

Somboled presented Président Homemade cottage cheese

Belgrade, October 12, 2010. - The company Somboled presented Président Homemade cottage cheese in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant "Mala facbrika ukusa".

Tijana Čurović, famous actress,  presented innovative suggestions  for serving Président Homemade cottage cheese, as well as the secret of its use in the preparation of meals.

Président Homemade cottage cheese is a fresh and tasty white cheese. It was prepared according to traditional recipes of Serbian cottage cheeses from the highest quality milk from Vojvodina’s pastures. Its mild flavor and freshness delight consumers across Serbia, who consider Président Homemade cottage cheese one of the most authentic Serbian cottage cheeses.

It is easy to slice up and serve, which makes it perfect for the preparation of appetizers, a meal, but also for the preparation of different salads, canapés, pies, cooked and baked dishes and even desserts.

Milica Šetka, marketing director at Somboled, stressed at this occasion: “The inspiration for the creation of Président Homemade cottage cheese were authentic recipes of cottage cheese from local cuisine. Thanks to its quality and traditional recipes Somboled’s Homemade cottage cheese became a member of Président cheese family. Président, the leading cheese brand in the world that brings together and offers to consumers across Europe and all over the world the finest authentic recipes of traditional cheeses“.

About company

Somboled dairy became part of Dukat dairy industry in 2003. when Dukat started 26 million worth investment in modernizing and expanding production capacity in Somboled dairy. In 2007. Somboled and Dukat became part of the French group called Lactalis, a third dairy group in the world according to its size and strength and the second-largest buyer of raw milk in the world. The leading commercial brand of Lactalis Group is the Président trademark - parent brand of the highest quality traditional French, as well as European and international authentic cheeses that Président offers to its customers worldwide. 

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