Tropical bites with Dukatos pineapple passion fruit

This spring, the ideal blend of recognizable creamy texture of Dukatos Greek type yogurt and a seductive aromas of pineapple passion fruit bring tropical tastes in your home.

Tropical bites with Dukatos pineapple passion fruit

Whether you serve it with fresh fruit mix or add it to a morning muesli or frappe, refreshing effect is guaranteed! The harmony of flavors of pineapple and passion fruit can be served as a dressing that missing to your Moroccan salad or spicy beef with citrus, but also as a perfect addition for homemade pancakes, tempting cheesecake or ice cream.
It is ideal combination with nuts and fresh fruit, muesli and oat bran, but also indispensable ingredient of sweet muffins.

If you prefer simplicity, Dukatos pineapple passion fruit will be your ideal refreshing snack.

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