Dukat yoghurt – for healthy life on the go

The long tradition and verified quality have earned Dukat yoghurts the special place they hold on the dairy product market.

Due to its distinctive mildly sour flavour, Dukat yoghurt is the favourite everyday meal for all generations. Dukat yoghurts are a practical version of this popular naturally nutritious dairy product.

In touch with the pace of modern life, Dukat yoghurts are especially handy as a quick drink when you are on the go or somewhere out, at the same time providing your body with the beneficial calcium, proteins and yoghurt cultures.

Yoghurts with 3.2% fat content, available in 180 g pots and 500 g bottles, as well as in the practical 1 kg,1.5 kg family pack, while yoghurt with 1.5% fat content is available in bottles of 500g and 1kg.

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