Dukatos – Greek type yogurt for devine pleasure!

Greece, also known as the land of pleasure and delicious cuisine, the home of the original Greek yogurt. Somboled allows those who like dairy products to enjoy Dukatos, a unique type of Greek yogurt.

Dukatos is Greek type yogurt, with special creamy texture and a rich, refreshing taste. Due to these characteristics it is often considered one of the finest yogurt.

At the first bite, Dukatos takes you on a trip to the sunny Greek islands to enjoy the Mediterranean flavors and tastes.

You can enrich every meal with Dukatos; you can enjoy it as a snack or enrich it with other food and enjoy in many ways.

When combined with honey or nuts Dukatos turns into a traditional Greek dessert, combined with berries Dukatos refreshes and nourishes while sauces that you have already known gets a new dimension with Dukatos.

Look for it at the unique selling points, unforgettable texture and flavor, Dukatos natural yogurt packed in 150 and 400g.

Dukatos brings you new and heavenly delights: Dukatos almond-pistachio, Dukatos strawberry, Dukatos pineapple-passion fruit, Dukatos sour cherry-vanilla, Dukatos raspberry peach and Dukatos tangerine cheesecake packed in 150g.

Dukatos almond-pistachio, Dukatos strawberry, Dukatos pineapple-passion fruit and Dukatos sour cherry-vanilla are tasty and rich snacks full of luxurious flavours, but they are also unique desserts.

Your favorite Dukatos yogurt can be found in liquid form. It is made from rich milk and contains 4.5% of fat. It is available in packages of 330 g and it is the ideal drink for hot summer days.

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