Président Butter La Motte 250g

Butter is an entirely natural product, made from natural ingredients by separating fat components from fresh milk or from cream.

It is a rich source of milk fat, containing as much as 82 grams of milk fat per 100 grams, which makes it an excellent source of energy. Apart from being an excellent source of energy in the event of increased physical and intellectual activities, especially when consumed in the morning with wholemeal bread or buns and honey, with a glass of milk or yoghurt, butter is used by renowned chefs to prepare savoury and sweet dishes because only butter lends meals a refined fragrance and particular rich and delicious aroma that we feel on our palates even after we finish eating. Butter is a natural, healthy and good choice whether we speak about breakfast or making meals.

Président butter - pleasure in every bite! Silky textured, golden yellow and of superior quality. Président butter is made from cream the completely natural way. Packed in aluminum tear-proof foil, Président butter is very easy to open and close, retaining all the freshness and aroma of butter for a long time.

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