Enjoy Somborska!

Somborska is a tender, white cheese of wonderful taste, which has been produced for almost 30 years, according to the traditional method of Sombor’s dairy.

It is made of a premium cow's milk from Vojvodina’s pastures and it is the leading cheese brand in Serbia. Quality packaging – 250g, 500g containers, preserves product freshness, and consumers can find this extraordinary cheese in stores. 

Somborska perfectly fits various salads, like Sopska, Serbian or Greek salad, as the aroma of cheese and fine milky notes ideally supplement the fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, making these excellent salads an ideal addition to each cuisine or a perfectly balanced meal, the most popular during the summer!

Somborska has traditionally been served, in addition to salads, as a "snack" with smoked meat, ham and other meat delicacies making your everyday feast, as well as the one during special occasions, much better.

Traditional recipes of Sombor’s dairies, nearly 30 year old, excellent taste and quality of this cheese has enabled Somborska join the family of the world's finest cheeses Président. Président, the leading cheese brand in the world that brings together and offers to consumers across Europe and all over the world the finest authentic recipes of traditional cheeses, will support the sale of Somborska outside the country and make it regionally and internationally famous white cheese.

Président Somborska – the name is new, everything else is the same!

Watch the latest video spot for this product, taste some of the fabulous dishes with Président Somborska:

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