Brie – king among cheeses

Brie is a soft fat cheese with white noble mould, made of cow’s milk. It has an elegant, expressive, rich creamy taste, deliciously mild and aromatic.

It is an excellent dessert cheese that is served at room temperature or slightly warmed. It complements well fruits, dried tomatoes and fine pastries. For a special gourmet experience, we recommend to serve it with honey, tasty jams or fruit spreads. Of course, wines such as sparkling wine, Traminer and Riesling and fresh varieties of Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling and Traminac make an excellent pair with its precious flavour.

Brie is available in 200 g and 3 kg packages.

The story of origin

It is Brie de Melun that has been known since the 8th century as the "King's Cheese." Legend has it that the most famous Frankish king Charlemagne, who is also one of the famous historical gourmets, simply adored it. Over the centuries, in addition to the aristocracy, cheese gained popularity with ordinary people as well. So finally, in 1815, at the proposal of the French diplomat by the name of Talleyrand brie was officially proclaimed the king of cheeses ("roi de fromages").

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