Camembert – the French gastronomic emblem

Camembert is a soft full-fat cow cheese with white noble mould.

It has an intense flavour, it is fruity, supple and smooth, light yellow and with a soft heart, and a thin and white rind. It goes best with meat, wine, a slice of bread or fruits and nuts. Before eating the cheese, you have to leave if outside the fridge at room temperature for a while to develop the full flavour and smell. Camembert is best suited for red fruit wines, such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Just like Camembert, processed cheese Creme de Camembert has the full flavour, is supple and smooth, light yellow in colour and has an exceptional spreadability. It will melt well at any hot bread, bun, croissants or toast and meet the sophisticated gourmet needs for a divine snack. Start the morning with the cream of all creams - Creme de Camembert.

Camembert is available in package of 250 g.

The story of origin

Sources indicate that Camembert was first produced in the 18th century in the Norman village of the same name, according to the recipe of a priest from the province of Brie. Camembert acquired its world fame in late 19th century, since when it has been packed in characteristic round wooden boxes that preserve its freshness and shape during transport.

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